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Resources and commands for Docker.

Networking in a Linux Container in Docker

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Some tips to help with Networking in a Linux container in Docker.

Docker Networking

Docker Networking Commands

Linux Container Commands


  • Extrapolate these commands for other Linux distros.
  • sudo might have to be used before some commands.

Distro Updates

Utility Packages

$ apt-get install -y vim git man

Networking Packages

$ apt-get install -y iputils-ping inetutils-traceroute iproute2 dnsutils net-tools tcpdump wireshark curl


  • iputils-ping for ping
  • inetutils-traceroute for traceroute
  • iproute2 for ip route
  • dnsutils for nslookup, dig
  • net-tools for arp, ifconfig, netstat
  • dsniff for arpspoof
  • tcpdump for tcpdump
  • wireshark for Wireshark
  • curl for cURL