Asciidoctor Jet is a ready-to-use jet black themed template for building static websites using Asciidoctor with features and fonts added to the default Asciidoctor template.

Getting started is very straightforward!


  • PWA

    • Custom install prompt

  • Themes

    • Theme switcher

      • Dark mode (Jet black)

      • Light mode

    • First load theme depends on the browser theme and if toggled, is thereafter set as per user preference.

  • Lazy loading of images

  • Fonts

    • Montserrat

    • PT Mono (Only for code snippets.)

  • Back to top button

  • Custom scrollbar

  • The repository includes a workflow to build and deploy the site on GitHub Pages.

Live Demos

Sites using the Asciidoctor Jet template

  • Raise an issue on the repository to be featured here! (Please add a link to the site.)

  • Make sure to add the asciidoctor-jet label/topic to the site’s repository for visibility!

Using Asciidoctor Jet

Getting Started

Adding Content

Asciidoctor Jet Logo

Serving the Site Locally

After running the sh build.sh command, the site is built out to the build directory. It has to be served from there.

There are various ways to serve file locally. Run any of the following commands from the root directory of the project.

$ npx http-server "build"

# OR

$ npm install --global http-server
$ http-server "build"
  • The NPM package serve can be used.

$ npx serve "build"

# OR

$ npm install --global serve
$ serve "build"
$ python -m http.server

# OR

$ python3 -m http.server # python<version> -m http.server

File Structure

The main content of the website resides in the src directory and the entry point for Asciidoctor is the index.adoc file in the src directory.

The default structure of the src directory

│   └───adding-content.adoc
│   ├───css
│   ├───img
│   └───js


  • Contributors are welcome!

  • For any bugs or feature requests/modifications, feel free to raise an issue if it hasn’t already been raised.

  • Go through the CONTRIBUTING.md file for local development environment setup instructions.

  • Feel free to contact the maintainer for any issues.

  • Check the changelog for changes in particular versions.